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Carbs and Inflammation: A Deathly Duo!

Inflammation is the body’s response to some sort of stress and is not to be turned on for a prolonged period of time. It tells us the body is trying to defend itself against something that is potentially harmful. So if the body is constantly under assault, the inflammation response stays on. This can adversely […]

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Memory Is All We Are

If you find you are experiencing memory problems such as remembering what you are saying when interrupted in a conversation, or misplacing your keys, wallet or glasses more frequently or you write things down more regularly so you don’t forget them, you may find the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine is depleted. Acetylcholine  is a neurotransmitter that plays […]

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Putting the Brakes on your Mind Running Away

  With the  pressures of life, many tend to push themselves to the point of burnout. They do this with habits such as not getting enough sleep, eating too much processed foods, drinking too much coffee and then overextending themselves with work. On top of all of this, we are exposed to environmental toxins leaving […]

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