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Sugar, our sweet demon of Disguise

Who would have thought that our sweet indulgences could wreak havoc in our bodies and namely the brain?  Much has been written about the negative effects  of over consuming sugar, and the latest documentary “Fed Up” further unveils the demons of the North American diet and its obvious and less obvious heavily sugared palate.  Sugar […]

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What’s The Gut Got to Do With It?

  As previously mentioned in Dowsing the Brain With Sleep, inflammations are the body’s attempt to defend itself against infection, toxins, and foreign molecules.  But the problem arises when inflammation is chronic or ongoing.  Then it attacks cells and tissues of your own body and that includes the brain.  Sixty per cent of the immune […]

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Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

Now that we know the importance of sleep, here are some familiar and not so familiar steps you can take to create the best environment and scenario for the best sleep possible.  Some of these tips may be obvious for some but hopefully there is something here that addresses an issue you may have. Get […]

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