Forgive, Love and Reach Out!

Forgivenekids-gratitude-1024x537ss is an act of free will that will help you with your toxic thoughts of anger, resentment, bitterness etc. Forgiving is an action on your part despite the  behavior by the other person and  still acknowledging  the pain and hurt but you letting  go of the person who hurt you.  Researchers at the University of Wisconsin  found those who developed an ability to forgive have more control over their emotions and are less angry and consequently much healthier.

While we have been concentrating upon our mind making proper choices, we can’t ignore the heart, which according to Leaf, acts as a “mini-brain” and acts as a “still small voice that checks our thoughts for accuracy, integrity and wisdom.”  The voice from your heart, is gentle and provides a sense of warning and there are times when the brain needs to submit to the heart. Ways to communicate with your heart are : count your blessings and develop an attitude of gratitude, not thinking of painful thoughts , choose wisely with who you spend your time with and focus on happy memories of good times and anticipate happy events.  In addition to this, you need to give and receive loving touch. Good touching, like a hug releases the body’s natural chemicals  in a healing process that makes one have feeling of well-being and this can change your mental processes.

“When the heart is at peace and is filled with love, the entire body under the direction of the brain feels peace and love as well… When your thought life is filled with toxic emotions, your heart is heavy and burdens your body and mind.  In effect, your heart amplifies what is going on in the brain.” Dr. Caroline Leaf,  Who Switched Off My Brain?

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